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Monday, April 24, 2017

A few Family Photos

It's that time of year again.  That time of year when I dust off the camera and click lots of sheep photos.  I suppose having kids does the same thing for new parents. 
Lambs are now officially all on the ground and hopping.  9 total out of 6 ewes this year, 6 of which are ram lambs (anyone need a nice ram?).  I can be thankful they are all healthy.  Here's a few of the highlights.

 Here is Athena with her single, and a single he was;  10# 10 oz at birth (before his first drink even!!).  Mind you she is probably a mere 90 pounds.  This picture was taken the day after.
Clio and one of her twins;  a ram.

Bloom here enjoying the sun with her twins.  One I think is behind her and you can't see.  Bloom had two brown babes, the girl quite a bit darker than the boy.  The girl is small, was maybe 3# at birth, but she can belt it.  I think she is going to be an opera singer when she grows up.  Paisley and Prince are their names.

Cleo with her two.  What contrast, both are gulmogets, one brown, the girl is black.  She is Biscotti, he is waiting on his name.

Last here is Julia.  This little guy was born in the early hours, discovered weak and very chilled.  Spent 3 hours warming him up, getting him colostrum and trying to improve his appetite.  Took him a couple days and doubt on the part of the shepherds, but the Shetland hardiness came through and by day two we got him latched to the nipple and he's been bopping ever since.  His name is Rocky.

Prince, Bloom's ram lamb.  

 Mr Unibrow, no really he doesn't have a name yet.  He's about 40% Gotland and Shetland, sweet little guy, just funny markings on his head.

Quinn the Eskimo here, Siobhan's girl.

Clio's boy.

Tom trying to enjoy his beer in the pasture.  Nori likes beer!

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