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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Letters

Isn't this the time for updates from friends and family?  Well it is not often you get a letter from an animal you sold down the road.  Well it happened.  An e-mail message from our beloved ram Apollo whom we sold to some very nice folks just after Black Sheep Gathering this past year.  I'm not sure how he got his hooves on a computer but seems he is doing just fine.  Here is a copy of the letter:

Hey Mom and Dad,
I just wanted to drop you this picture and a quick note to say that I still love it here. I took a visit over to see the girls awhile ago but now I'm back in my mancave. My babies should start arriving in February or March. Travis and Jessie give me lots of loves and yummy food. You would be proud of me because I have been such a good boy! I hope things are well back home...tell my friends hi for me.
Apollo :)

One thing about having lambs is you eventually have to sell some sheep (well the other alternative is not so good either).  But being a control freak I find it hard to imagine that anyone could take as good a care of my sheep as I can.   I have found I have to rein in on that feeling and have a little trust.  In this case I have been rewarded, don't you think?   We find it monumentally reassuring to know the animals we sell are in good hands.  I also find it monumentally reassuring that the ram I sold is not breaking down someones barn.  That too is good.

Happy New Year!