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Monday, August 25, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

Busy, busy times on this farm.  A long while back I did a post on all the good things that come from sheep.  One of those things was the great fertilizer they provide.  From that great compost comes a great garden (would be better if I could just keep out the moles!).  We are harvesting (when I say "we" I think I mean "I") and storing away all sorts of goodies this time of year.  Busy little squirrels.  The weather is hot and very dry.  I am longing for cooler times, brisk nights and some moisture. And, of course, more time at the spinning wheel.

 Here are the Tarahumara Sunflowers I planted. They are saluting the morning sun.  I am growing them for the bees and as they ripen, the sheep will get a nice treat.

Here are a few bees enjoying the sunflower's pollen.
 Big leaf greens in the garden; collard and kale.  I am having fun with pickling them.  A tangy salty treat that is ooooh so good for you.

For a couple days we had some smoke pour in from the fires in northern California.  It made for some interesting evening light. Those are the pictures that follow.
Our barn and very brown pasture.

And just so you don't forget the is Athena.  She is growing up nicely, don't you think?  She has a very soft fleece.