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Sunday, June 16, 2013

The List

In my attempt to get all the things done for upcoming Black Sheep Gathering I started tackling my list this weekend.  One thing on the list was to get pictures of the sheep we will be taking to the show.  We use the pictures to put on their pen cards so people can tell who is who when they are looking at our sheep.  Taking pictures of sheep in the pasture is tricky business.  It is easy to get pictures of sheep grazing, head down as if their lips are glued to the ground.  But I like to get a nice shot of their faces.  For this they do not always cooperate.  Take Miss Nori for example.  Below is a series of shots whereby I was trying to get at least a nice picture of her face.  I had already given up on the idea that she would hold a stand a few feet from me and look up at the camera; that was tried but she just couldn't be that far away from me. She had to be in my lap!  Because of that I resorted to holding the camera out to the side and attempting to hold her head toward the lens.  Her face would go everywhere but the direction I wanted.  Check these out.

This was the best I could do!
Hope to see many of you at the Gathering.  Come look for us in the Shetland barn.  If you need any nice Shetland rams  (or potential wethers) we could certainly help you out.  We have 3 nice boys that would make wonderful fiber pets, great personalities and super soft fleeces.  Come check them out.