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Monday, May 7, 2012

Changing Faces

This time of year I seem to notice a dramatic change in coloring of some of the sheep's faces around the farm.  Their faces change color throughout the year but seems more dramatic this time of year.   I snapped a few shots and then went to the archive to compare.  Here are a couple examples so you can see I am not loosing my mind!

This is Jasper, picture was taken in the fall, sort of a boring black face.

This is Jasper this spring, no it is not make-up or war paint.

Here is Strudel after lambing last year

This is Strudel today, makes her nose look a bit big, don't ya think?

So you can see how dramatic the coloring changes are, you might wonder how I keep everyone straight!

Just for fun I added this photo I recently took of a few of the boys.  You can see the changes in growth of horns as the rams age.  The youngest here is a yearling, the boy below is a two year old and on the top is Apollo at age 6.  This was taken a few weeks ago.