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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Additions (or is it editions?) to the Flock

Lambing this year was very much abbreviated for us compared to previous years.  Last year we had 16 lambs, this year 5!  They are now all safely running around on the ground.  What we lack in numbers we make up with personality.  Each lamb is getting lots of attention so are very friendly.  The boys are still expected to be gentlemen, however!
A brief chronlogy of last week.  First came Katrina's lambs.  She is absolutely the best mother.  She birthed with no fanfare promptly on day 147.  Note day!  That would be the civilized hour of 11 am.  I was not yet predicting lambs and was at work.  But Tom handled things very professionally.  Katrina really did it all, small babies, right on time, and a girl and a boy.  And her ewe lamb even smiles!

Katrina and her girl Fiera

Next in line was Nell.  A first timer with her lovely yuglet spots.  Like Katrina, she was bred to our Apollo, with his dense, fine fleece.  I was hoping for spots and got them.  Not sure they will stick around but maybe if they are bred to the right sheep in the future we will get spots that stick.  Even if they do fade away the fleeces on her lambs should be quite dense and soft.  Yummy!  Oh, Nell had a boy and a girl.

Look at the Stance on Nell's boy!

Shebaa, the last to lamb.  Five whole days after Katrina.  A first timer with an electrifying fleece with all it's luster, had a nice little boy.   It took her some time just figuring out what was happening to her.  I would go out to check and could peek through the window to see she was pushing.  Then I would quietly enter the barn and she would quickly stand up and just stare at me with her big eyes.  "Lamb, what lamb?  Did you think I was having a lamb?  Oh no not me!"  So if she was ever going to push out the lamb I would have to leave and watch from far away.  But she finally succeeded and he was full of vigor;  no help needed for him to find the teat!  He's a looker too.
Mr Austin

So now back to normal.  Caught up on sleep and all is good (well except for the weather!).  Now the lamb races  begin!