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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tis the season...

Well it is breeding time for the sheep.  Actually we just took the breeding groups apart, boys back with boys (more like boy back with boy) and all the girls back together.  We are hoping our little guy, Bourbon did his job.  He is just a lamb and didn't seem to take his job as seriously as Oatis.  But we've used ram lambs (boys under a year) before and they were just as productive.  In total we bred 7 ewes so will be expecting lots o' lambs in late March, early April.  Yes it is the season.

Bloom and Rachel

Little Bourbon, playing cute for the girls.

Bloom and Rachel working out their differences.

Handsome Oatis.

Oatis' ladies.  He's a bit controlling and won't let them come up to me.