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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dry as a Bone

.....or so the saying goes.  Unfortunately here in the Willamette valley we are living it.  Beautiful clear blue skies day in and day out.  Record dry spell here for this time of year.  True Oregonians like myself are getting nervous.  I don't think I can ever remember a time I had to keep watering plants into October.  People I work with, those "townie" people, seem to love it and feel it is just fine if the sun keeps shining until Christmas.  I think (theory not tested) that those of us that are closer to the land can see this perpetual sunshine is a real problem.  We can't water our pastures like townies can  water their lawns.  Townies see green in town where there is "plenty" of water.   Us hic folk just see brown.  And it is continuing to wear on me......and the sheep.  Note the browns in the pictures below;  not one blade of green grass left in our pastures.  Time to do a serious rain dance!

All the sheeps marching in for dinner

Rachel the difficult one to photograph as she wants no distance between her and the camera.  She is on our breeding list for this year.
                                               Natasha wondering if anyone will follow her out to eat brown grass and dirt!  Natasha is another on our breeding list.

                                                                            Julia looking pretty from far away;  what Julia is good  at!