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Sunday, July 7, 2013


If you remember my post about a year and a half ago I told you of a massive black oak tree that had fallen in our pasture.  After sitting for a year, on our fence, on our lower sheep paddock, well we finally found someone to mill it for us.  It was too big for our chainsaw, and frankly, I really hated to see this big wood go for just firewood.   We were lucky to have found a very nice gentleman with a very portable mill to come cut it up for us.  So yesterday we toured down there to see what he was up to.  Here are some shots.

This is the mill.  After using his crane to place the log he uses this contraption to guide the saw across it.  The saw can be tipped at various angles so he can make cuts in both directions.  He then lowers the saw at those 4 posts to make another swipe at the log.  Pretty swift device.  It all fits on the back of a pickup.

Here is Tom and Clancy checking out the new boards.  This wood has some pretty figuring in it.  I'm thinking it should make some very nice spinning wheels.  Of course it will be a bit of time before it is fully dry.  Take note those of you lower down on the wheel list : )