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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rikki has a Party!

Rikki and Sushi in the pen

 It's always hard for us to sell a sheep.  Not really difficult in the normal sense, finding a buyer, coming up with a price, collecting the money.....but when it comes to seeing them leave the farm;  that is the difficult part.  We get attached.  One thing that does make it is easier is knowing they are going to a good home.
Well Ms. Rikki will be doing just that (she's going to be a Hoosier!).  Her date of departure is coming soon.

On hearing this news my co-workers were quite upset. They had heard the stories of Rikki, the diapers, the bottle, her little bed next to ours. They couldn't believe I would let her go.  At least without a PARTY!

So we had a party, a sheep going away type party.  I set up a pen in the backyard and brought Rikki and her sis Sushi to occupy it.  People could pet them, and feed them and give them sips of beer (turns out Sushi is quite the lush!).  And of course there was cake!

Trying a little potato salad

Oh my Sushi does like beer! 

The cake was good!  Rikki did NOT get cake.

Other news from the farm.....


How does that happen?  About a month ago I place two duck eggs under one of our broody banty hens and guess what!

Mom doesn't seem to notice her baby has webbed feet but she is a bit concerned about this obsession with water.