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Monday, April 22, 2013

More Lamb Pictures....before they grow up.

They are growing fast.  I can hardly believe it has been 4 weeks since the first of them hit the ground.  Spring is such a busy, busy time here.  My jogging program has been replaced with sheep shearing (the touch up type to clean off the messy stuff from their spring shedding), yard work and lifting bee boxes.  Plenty around here to build up the muscles.  Hey, who needs a gym when you have a farm?  Back to the point about the lambs growing;  yes they are.  So I thought I'd better get a few more pictures posted while they are still cute and small. 

 Here is me doing a little socializing.  That is Ninkasi who still feels like a lamb in spite of nursing two young athletes.  Those are her kids in front of her doing balance beam on the tank.

This is Hattie, she is one of the little athletes out of Ninkasi.  Small but she packs a punch.

This is Pilot.  Doesn't he have a " to die for " fleece?  Too bad you can't touch it through the picture.

This is our wild animal boy, directly from Africa.  His name is Reese, as in Reese's peanut butter cup.

Reese's sister, Clio,  has a yummy looking fleece as well, but she won't let me get my hands on her, yet.

And finally, Miss Bloom with mom Nell in background.  You can see why I do the touch up shearing.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Lambing 2013 is Finished!

And now for some well deserved rest.....well not quite.
Ninkasi and lambs, they took it all out of her, poor girl

 this is Reese, like in Reese's peanut butter cup
This is Hattie, she is a bouncer!

My yin and yang boys out of Strudel and Jasper


As you can see there will be no rest, but at least lots of entertainment.