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Monday, February 8, 2021

Times a Changing

As one can see it has been eons since I last updated this main blog page.  In keeping with the times, things here on the farm have changed a bit too.  First of all we are no longer breeding Shetland sheep, choosing instead to keep a healthy flock of ewes for friend and fiber.  No lambing in the spring, no sheep for sale, no meat for the freezer and no rams beating down the fences.  Instead, we find plenty to occupy our time in other areas like gardening, cooking the stuff from the garden, spinning, fiber arts, and, for Tom, his continued wheel making.  While it is a bit sad not having bouncing lambs around we are appreciating the time to apply to our many other passions.  And, all the while, we still have some lovely fleeces to work with.  It's the best of all worlds.

Collapse weave scarf of wool


Sarah Dippity skirt of wool and silk, woven panels pieced together with knitted triangles.