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Monday, June 23, 2014

Baack from Black Sheep

We are back from another wonderful Black Sheep Gathering.  As we get to know more and more people in the fiber world the time spent there seems to go by faster and faster (I'm hoping this phenomenon is not a product of age!).  Can't believe it is over but I sure am exausted.

The sheep are happy to be back as well (they were getting pretty cranky that last day).  Thought I'd post a few up to date pictures of our young ones.  Amazing how they grow up. 
This is Bloom, sister to Simbaa (see sale page), auntie to Harissa

Harissa, the loud little girl born with about an inch and a half of fleece!  She is the daughter of Simbaa (see sale page)
Griffin, one of our ram lambs

Oatis, our yearling ram.  I LOVE his fleece.

Last but certainly not least, Athena.  Wow she is maturing!  Still cute as a button.
OH AND if anyone "needs" spinning fiber, I still have big bags of Shetland top in an array of Shetland colors!