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Saturday, March 17, 2012

For the Love of Fleece...

Sushi's fleece
That is it!  It is why I do this crazy thing of raising sheep!  I love fleece!  There is something special about being in the barn with all those warm little sheep bodies all sporting a different but yummy little coat.  So it stands to reason that my very favorite time of year is shearing, it maybe even surpasses lambing.  This year we were quite fortunate to have an old friend come out of hibernation a.k.a. retirement and shear 20 of our sheep (she shall remain nameless here for fear of being bombarded by shearing requests).  But anyway we can save our backs for another year.  So now the sheep are all sheared and with amazing networking thanks to McTavish Wheelworks and the wonderful spinners on Tom's wheel list, we are sold out of fleeces!  Ok I do have a few bits and pieces of fleeces in my own stash but a women needs to spin to stay sane, right?  But yes all our fleeces are sold for this year and we even have a few dibs on fleeces for next year!  I guess this spinning thing is really catching on.  Now on to selling sheep.

Julia not sure about this shearing thing

Tossing fleece

I waited a few weeks after shearing the main bunch to shear Rikki (ok she gets mentioned her AGAIN, her head is getting a bit big for her britches) and her sister Sushi.  I was hoping their fleeces would grow a bit as I did shear them in the Fall.  I do love the Shetland fleece, but I must say this Gotland fiber is quite grand!  Just amazing luster (see the picture above). I am looking forward to finally finishing the yarn for my brothers vest made with Rikki (didn't quite have enough).  Check out how wonderful she looks with her next to the skin haircut.  Spots and patterns with the crimp are amazing. 

Remember Rikki?  She's now a year old.

Fun bunch of spots on this girl.

More to come....lambing is soon!