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Monday, December 12, 2011

Growing Up

Look,  it's little Rikki.  Isn't she getting big!  Don't know if you remember, but she is our Gotland X sheep and was out of quads this past spring and was our first bottle baby.  Hard to believe that less than a year ago she was bouncing around the house in diapers.  I don't think she remembers those days but she is still as friendly as ever and even went chasing after Clancy dog the other day.  Maybe she remembers sharing her bed with him.  She is quite a sweetie along with her two other siblings. Those Gottie sheep are pretty dam sweet.
Here is Rikki next to Sushi and Tsunami, her two sisters.  It is so amazing that we got those colors all out of one batch.  Rikki is turning grey under those spots, but Sushi is still white and Tsunami a dark brown.  It remains to be seen whether Tsunami and Sushi will remain that color or turn the typical Gotland grey like Rikki.  I am hopeful the colors will remain as they are.
Here is Rikki next to the yarn I spun from her first shearing.  I couldn't wait, her lamb fleece was so enticing I shore her early.  It was a bit short but I beat the yarn plenty so it would felt a bit and not fall apart.  It is a very soft, fuzzy yarn.  As you can see, Rikki didn't think too much of it.  Oh well, I like it.