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Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Ideas

With the price of sheep feed continuing to rise, the daily monotony of chores, and the boredom experienced by our poor sheep, we might benefit from a bit of a change around here.  Last weekend, on our way to the community of Corvallis by bike for Mother's Day, Tom and I stopped in at Lone Pine Farms and came across this great solution:
Lone Pine farm visitors feeding the goats.
It is a series of ramps and high walkways (complete with secure railings) whereby the goats can get high above the farm visitors. The visitors pay for alfalfa pellets (dispensed out of a machine), put them into a cup that is run up by a pulley system and dumped into a trough right above them.  The goats, motivated by the food, run up the ramp and gobble up the food.  What a great idea! We could build this, people would come, pay for pellets, feed the sheep and the sheep and visitors would be highly entertained.  We could watch from the comfort of the couch our chores being done and our sheep food financed.  A win win for all don't ya think!