Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Apples Not Oranges

Seems like every summer season there are lots of something and not so much of other things.  This year is no different.  Haven't had but a handful of tomatoes and peppers seem scarce.  Not even very many beans.  But there are lots and lots of apples.  All our old and young trees alike are loaded with them.  I did my best to thin, but seems I didn't do enough (it is so hard kill those little baby apples!). And I hate to see them go to waste.   So far I have canned about 24 quarts of applesauce and have dried up several containers of them as well.  Not sure what I will do with it all but at least I feel good about not wasting all those apples. 

The sheep are very happy about all the apples.  Apples are like candy to sheep.  They all have special ways of eating them too.  Some find it preferable to smash them first with their heads, I guess so they are easier to eat ( makes for a nice, sticky hairdo too). Others run around and take one bite off of each one I throw out, that way no one else will want them (who want sheep germs!) and they get to have them all (my little piggy sheep).  Yes the sheep will be sad when the apples are all gone.

Grapes are ripening, great for juice!

Hops are drying up and ready for harvest

morning sunrise with rare clouds

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