Shetland Fiber

updated 2/12/18

Raw Shetland Fleece:  

We are in process of shearing  our sheep for 2018.  We are trying to time it best for the sheep so they don't miss their warm coats too much.  I'm a bit of a softie.  So far just 3 to go!  Good news is that our new feeding system has decreased the vegi matter significantly in the fleeces this year as we do not coat our sheep.  That makes me happy! 

I have given a brief description and tried to rank degree of vegi matter (VM) on a scale of 0-3, 0 meaning very,very little, 3 means not to put it on my sale list.  VM at our farm consists of bit of seedless orchard grass hay or bits of straw.   It did a fairly good skirting on the fleeces as well.
As I said, this is a good year due to the number of clean fleeces.

You can tell the length of the lock by the picture; each of those squares is 2 inches.
Anyway I try to be honest about it so you know what to expect.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Price does not include shipping, you can give me a zip and I'll quote you shipping costs.


Tranquility is just a lamb, this is her first fleece and WOW there is plenty of it.  The staple is at least 6 inches long!  It is a red brown with hint of grey.  Tiny crimps around the shoulders to the mid body, very fine and soft. This would be a nice fleece for combing which would remove the bits of VM along the spine.  Oh and did I tell you it's cat approved?  VM 2, wt 3.3# , price  $73



  Summer is also a lamb and this is a most lovely fleece.  It is a bit shorter, locks from 3-5 inches.  Fine crimp dominate this fleece.  It is a medium grey color.  VM 0, wt 2.4#, price $57




She is a 4 yo with a wavy, medium fine fleece, staple about 4-5 inches long.  It is mostly white to a bit off white with hints of beige.  Very clean fleece, VM 0, wt. 3.9, price $70.


 Cleo is a 5 yo Shetland ewe with a medium/fine fleece, a bit more primitive lock structure in places but geneally light and fluffy.  Color is a light grey/brown.  Locks are about 4-5 inches, VM 0, wt 2.2#,
 price $48.



Prince- SOLD

Prince is lamb, a real sweet heart.  This is a very fine fleece, dark chocolate color (my photo doesn't do it justice) that would card up wonderfully and could be spun fine for a cobweb shawl.  Locks are 3-4 inches long.

 VM 1, Wt 2#,  price  $48.


Another lovely lamb fleece from this year.  Victor has about 40% Gotland in him along with the Shetland.  A sweet one with a "V" on his forehead.  This is a fine fleece,  medium grey with white at the very base.  Locks are 5-6 inches long, suitable for combing.  VM 1, wt 3#, price $74.


Another one of my sweet wethers, mr. Tubes is an off spring of Athena and produced a nice soft lamb fleece.  It is light grey with length of 4-5 inches. A bit of veg matter along spine but, as this is a long fleece and good for combing, that would likely come out.
VM 1, wt 2.9#, price $66.


Rachel is an 9 yo Shetland ewe with a black or very, very dark brown fleece with some silver interspersed.  It is silky and soft to handle and very clean.  Locks are 4-5 inches long. 

VM 0
wt 3.5# price $77

Shetland Combed Top:

Lovely, soft, easy to spin, combed top in a variety of natural Shetland colors.    Includes black, dark brown, moorit (brown), fawn (a grey brown), mioget (yellow brown -sold out), light gray and white.  Make your own fair isle sweater, hat or mittens!  $2.90 per oz plus shipping (let me know about how much you want and your zip code and I will give you a price).

sample of above spun up

Shetland Roving:  

I still have a bit of this left, about 5 oz of the very light brown and about 18 oz of the brown are available for purchase.  Makes a lovely woolen yarn for that fair isle sweater or blend it with dyed fiber to create some interesting shades.  It has a soft hand and makes a lofty yarn.  $2.50 per oz plus shipping.

Shetland roving in light brown and brown

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the above products.  I try to be complete in my description but may miss something important to you.  To get a quote on the shipping let me know your zip code and I'll get back to you.

Thank you,