Shetland Fiber


Raw Fleece:  

Just finished our shearing for 2017 and I have piles of "sheeps" in bags filling my basement.  Boy it does smell sheepie!
I have given a brief description and tried to rank degree of vegi matter (VM) on a scale of 0-3, 0 meaning very very little, 3 means not to put it on my sale list.  VM at our farm consists of bit of seedless orchard grass hay. We are very careful at feeding time not to spill hay on the sheeps back, what does end up in their fleece must be from their neighbors eating too close or the wild parties they through in the barn when we aren't looking.
You can tell the length of the lock by the picture; each of those squares is 2 inches.
 Anyway I try to be honest about it so you know what to expect.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Price does not include shipping.


 Athena is a 3 yo Shetland ewe with a mostly white fleece.
Soft, lots of luster, a more medium/fine handle fleece.
VM of 1.
Wt. 4.3 pounds, price $73
SOLD Bourbon is our main dude right now.  He is 3.  His fleece is a milk chocolate color.  It is quite fine with little bitty crimps.  There is a bit of VM along the back line, rank of 2.
Wt. 3#. Price $51.






 Cleo is also a 4 yo Shetland ewe with a medium/fine fleece, a bit more primitive lock structure.  Lots of luster, light coffee color with  color variation throughout the fleece.  Even some hints of grey.

VM 1
Wt 2.6 #, prince $46




Harissa is a 3 yo Shetland ewe.  She has a fine fleece with some primitive tippiness and length to the lock.  Color is a very dark brown to grey in some spots.  There is some VM along the spine, rank of 2.

Wt 3.3# $53


Bloom is a 4 yo Shetland ewe with a very black fleece a bit more primitive lock structure.  Medium-fine hand, soft and lustrous.  And did I say black?
VM 2
wt 2.5 # $45


 Siobhan is a 8 yo Shetland ewe with a very fine, soft fleece, dark brown/grey in color.
 VM of 1
Wt 2.4 #
Price $48
Mali is a older Shetland gal but still producing a nice fine, white fleece.  She also keeps herself pretty darn clean.
VM 1/2
Wt 2.7#
Price $48


Sushi is one of our Gotland X ewes.  Her fleece is quite soft, very white and has lots of luster.  She is a 6 yo.
VM 1/2
Wt 6.3#
Price $126

Note: this fleece could be divided in two if one wanted only half.

Rachel is an 8 yo Shetland ewe, with a black silky fleece.  Mostly black, maybe a bit of grey due to her age.  A favorite of mine.

VM 1
wt 3.5# price $70

Tsunami is sister of Sushi, a Gotland x with a steel grey fleece.  Lots of luster, medium/fine handle, very silky.
VM 0
wt 5.7 #
Price $97

This fleece could also be split in 2.


Paris is one of our cleanest little lambs, I think because she jumps so much.  This is a lovely fleece, fine, soft with lots of fun brown colors in it.
VM 1
wt 1.6 #
price $35





Shetland Combed Top:

Lovely, soft, easy to spin, combed top in a variety of natural Shetland colors.    Includes black, dark brown, moorit (brown), fawn (a grey brown), mioget (yellow brown -sold out), light gray and white.  Make your own fair isle sweater, hat or mittens!  $2.90 per oz plus shipping (let me know about how much you want and your zip code and I will give you a price).

sample of above spun up

Shetland Roving:  

I still have a bit of this left, about 5 oz of the very light brown and about 18 oz of the brown are available for purchase.  Makes a lovely woolen yarn for that fair isle sweater or blend it with dyed fiber to create some interesting shades.  It has a soft hand and makes a lofty yarn.  $2.50 per oz plus shipping.

Shetland roving in light brown and brown

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the above products.  I try to be complete in my description but may miss something important to you.  To get a quote on the shipping let me know your zip code and I'll get back to you.

Thank you,