Shetland Fiber

updated 3/19/19

Fleece For Sale:  

Shearing for 2019 is now complete!  I have a basement of bags and am going through a 2nd skirting, pricing and posting them one by one.  Really I just love to touch wool!

Below I give a brief description and try to rank degree of vegi matter (VM) on a scale of 0-3, 0 meaning very, very little, 3 means not to put it on my sale list.  VM at our farm consists of bits of seedless orchard grass hay or straw.  This year the fleeces seem exceptionally clean and well skirted.  Also of note is that these gals were not bred this year, meaning they don't have the stress of lambing or lambs jumping on their wool.  This makes for a better fleece, although we miss the bouncing babes.

You can tell the length of the lock by the picture; each of those squares is 2 inches.
Anyway I try to be honest about it so you know what to expect.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Price does not include shipping, you can give me a zip and I'll quote you shipping costs.  Generally it's about $20 unless it is a smaller fleece and I can get it into a medium size USPS box, then it's a bit less.

Raw Shetland Fleeces:


This fleece is a big one as it is from our 8 yo Gotland X ewe, a big gal compared to the Shetlands.  Beautiful luster like a Gotland with a silky handle and lovely gray coloring with hints of black.  Locks are about 4-4.5".  Plenty to work with and this type of fleece felts wonderfully, if that's your thing.  Super clean (like there rest of them this year).
VM 0
wt. 6#


She is a young gal, just 3, and produced a beautiful fleece this year.  A medium shade of gray/brown, locks about 4-5 inches and fine crimp with soft handle.  
VM 0
wt 3.5#

Fern -SOLD

She is young ewe of 4 with fleece of lots variations of brown, a milky brown to silver brown.  It has a fine and silky handle with locks about 4 inches long.  

VM 0
wt. 2.5#
Price $44

Athena -SOLD

A dear of a sheep she has a nice white to light sand that seems to sparkle.  Locks are 4-5".
VM 0


This is her 2nd fleece and she is still a hairball!  She has a more primitive double coat type fleece with plenty of length but still soft to handle.  Locks are 5-6", color is a medium/light brown.  
VM 0


This little gal of 2 is a bit of a trouble maker but still has some nice locks to share.  Nice fleece, soft and dark but she did loose some of the nice neck wool to the fence (remember the grass is always greener and tastier over there!).  Still a bit to work with and very clean.  Locks are around 4".
VM 0


Summer is a youngster with a lovely, fine medium grey fleece with plenty of crimp.  She changes color for part of the season hence the white band at the bottom of the lock.  Length is about 4".
VM 0
Wt 3.6#


Rachel is a middle aged ewe but still has a lovely fleece, silky soft and black (or is is very dark brown?).  Locks are 3-4".
VM 0
wt 2.3#

Washed Fleece: 

Washed Shetland fleece (one that I am barely willing to part with) from our sweet, soft ewe "Siobhan".  This is a very soft, medium grey/brown Shetland fleece off the 5 yo ewe.  Locks are about 2-3 inches with very little VM.  Washed wt is 1.53#, price $70 plus shipping (U.S. only).

Examples of locks from this fleece

Shetland Combed Top:

Lovely, soft, easy to spin, combed top in a variety of natural Shetland colors.    Includes black, dark brown, moorit (brown), fawn (a medium grey brown), mioget (yellow brown -sold out), a very light gray (more like off white) and white sold out.  Make your own fair isle sweater, hat or mittens!  $2.80 per oz plus shipping (let me know about how much you want and your zip code and I will give you a price).

sample of above spun up

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the above products.  I try to be complete in my description but may miss something important to you.  To get a quote on the shipping let me know your zip code and I'll get back to you.

Thank you,
Tracy Livernois,
McTavish Farm Shetlands