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Shetland Fiber

Updated 3/15/16

Raw Fleece: 

Many of our fleeces marched out the door as soon as they were peeled off the sheep and a few of them ended up in my stash as they did not pass my standard for vegi matter content (these I may wash and separate and then sell in smaller quantities as nobody likes VM).  What I have below is what is left.  Let me know if you have any questions.

 This is Nori's most recent fleece.  She has some Shetland/Finn in her background but is mostly Gotland (80%).  Her fleece is a deep grey with some black in spots with lots of luster and a medium/fine, silky handle.  Locks are 4-5 inches long. This Gotland spins up easily, great for fluffy art yarns and also felts well.  Very, very little VM.
Wt is 7#3oz , price $158 plus shipping.
This is Nori, a 3 yo ewe.

  Shetland Combed Top:

Lovely, soft, easy to spin, combed top in a variety of natural Shetland colors.    Includes black, dark brown, moorit (brown), fawn (a grey brown), mioget (yellow brown -sold out), light gray and white.  Make your own fair isle sweater, hat or mittens!  $2.90 per oz plus shipping (let me know about how much you want and your zip code and I will give you a price).

sample of above spun up

Shetland Roving:  

I still have a bit of this left, about 5 oz of the very light brown and about 18 oz of the brown are available for purchase.  Makes a lovely woolen yarn for that fair isle sweater or blend it with dyed fiber to create some interesting shades.  It has a soft hand and makes a lofty yarn.  $2.50 per oz plus shipping.

Shetland roving in light brown and brown

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the above products.  I try to be complete in my description but may miss something important to you.  To get a quote on the shipping let me know your zip code and I'll get back to you.

Thank you,