Monday, January 9, 2012

Feeding Time

This time of year, with all it's darkness, it's hard to find things to get excited about.  The cold fog, no snow for skiing, a bare vegetable garden....but then there is feeding time.  Our little furry friends get very excited about  these two times of day;  I guess they are a lot like us in many ways.  The sheep get a breakfast and a dinner, really they are the same food, just different times of day, but don't tell them.  As much of a "chore" it is to put on the clothes and scuffle out there, I do enjoy it once I am there.  Not only am I met with excited faces, but it is a great time to fondle the fleece!  Shearing time is getting closer!

      Here are a few shots from this mornings feeding.

Lots of room to eat but this feeder has the best hay!
Tom, the handy feeder builder, built these fine feeders.  The sheep find them very agreeable.
The banties happy with the same ol' scratch

Pele, the guard llama, gets his portion.

Strudel looking silly with breakfast on her head

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