Monday, March 29, 2010

Rahab and Trooper

Ok things are moving along, however slowly and stressful. Ended up packing Rahab in the truck and off to the vet for the 3rd time about 8 this morning, but this time with cervix open and a tangled stiff mess inside. She never did go into labor, had to manually dilate her to be able to get my hand in there. Had an upside down lamb with 3 legs. I tried but was unsuccessful at getting anything in order much less pull it out. Jeff had a bit of a struggle as well, so I didn't feel so bad. He crammed a bunch of slime in there before pulling a 2 nd time and that seemed to do the trick. 1/2 out he was quite surprised to find out the little guy was still alive, a ram of course! After a 2nd dive in, he pulled out another ram, this one not so lucky. Probably the reason for the strange Rahab behaviors the days before. The new little guy was a bit weak, we tubed him and have had to warm him a few times. He just finally got the idea of sucking the nipple, so I am hoping we are home free. Rahab will be in pain, but with the help of drugs and some alfalfa, she seems to be progressing. The new little guy is white with black spots and a mask and his name is Trooper.
Now waiting on Shawn, she is exhibiting her prebirthing behavior. Cross your fingers for easy birth and GIRLS!

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