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Oatis on the Left, Bourbon on the right

 McTavish Bourbon out of Valkyries Lietzel and McTavish Simbaa.

DOB 4/8/14

Mctavish Bourbon



Rams below are ones we no longer have but their genetics remain in our flock through their offspring.  They served us well.

McTavish Jasper
Unfortunately we lost Jasper this spring at the age of 7.  He had a wonderful fleece, great conformation and mellow personality.  He won many awards in his show days.

McTavish Apollo

 Apollo has been sold but he too lives on in our flock.  We have several nice breeding ewes out of him.  They take on their dad's wavy, soft, white and fairly long fleece and sturdy bodies.  They also have the cute freckle faces and loveable personalities.

McMeadows Dover

Dover gave us some very nice lambs.  Lots of color and some with his Gulmoget markings.