Sheep For Sale

updated 5/22/17

Over the past couple years seems we've had more rams than ewes born on our farm so we do have quite a few we are willing to part with.

Caribou (S 44762): He is a yearling Shetland ram, very black with a soft and silky fleece, a bit more on the primitive side.   The black seems non fading.  He is a proven sire, we have two more ram lambs to prove it!  Nice temperament, good horns, and nice structure.  I'll get a picture posted soon when the light is right and he cooperates.

 Shetland/Gotland cross:  (lambs from 4/2017) We have several nice Gotland ewes and this year we decided to breed one, Nori (80% Gotland with Shetland and Finn in the other 20%) to a Shetland ram knowing the offspring would not be "registerable" but thinking the fleece might be awesome. We got a set of twin rams!  Either of these boys would make nice wethers OR if you are a breeder not interested in registered sheep, they would be nice rams, adding beautiful fleece, slightly larger structure (if you are a Shetland breeder) and nice personality to the offspring. 

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